Streetlight Control System-CONCENTRATORS

ECC3000 series


Loaded with a variety of application programs, ECC3000 series concentrators can carry out many networking tasks, including system initialization, configuration, management and maintenance.

● Combination of PLC module, power board, ARM core board and GPRS module.

● Responsible for networking tasks and configuration.

● Can install at LV power distribution box.

Main Features

● ARM9 hardware with Linux operation platform

● Industrial grade compact design

● Self-recovery mechanism with hardware and software to ensure high reliability in field operation

● Multiple protection against impulse interference and power surge due to lightning strikes

● Modular design of uplink and downlink communication modules for easy replacement or upgrading

● Remote configuring terminal parameters

● Online application software upgrade and maintenance

● Wide voltage range design for global utility power

● 6 relay outputs for controlling up to 6 power cable lines

● RS485 port for connecting on-site RS485 equipment

● Connection to servers of the software platform at the control center via GPRS and TCP/IP

● Real-time collecting, processing and storing data from terminal controllers