Employee Care
Employment & Labour Standards

Risecomm Group takes the initiative to fulfil its social responsibility in corporate development, follows the path of sustainable development, insists on humanistic care and environmental protection, performs social responsibility throughout the entire supply chain, and has created an efficient supply chain platform for mutual benefit and better carried forward corporate social responsibility on this basis. Through the following initiatives, the Group has established, continuously operated and updated, a strong environmental responsibility governance system during the year:

Employment and Labour Practices


Risecomm Group puts the core values of “people-oriented” and “investing in people” into practice and

emphasizes to have “mutual commitment” with its employees, incorporating the pursuit of individual employee into long term corporate development. Through sharing the growth with its employees, the Company turns the commitment into a joint undertaking.

Protection of employees’ right

Employees are foundation stones of corporate development. The Group has been actively protecting the basic rights of employees. In terms of employment, the Company has strictly complied with the Labour Law of the PRC (中華人民共和國勞動法), the Law on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Women and Children of the PRC (中華人民共和國婦女兒童權益保護法) and other relevant requirements of the places where our overseas companies operate and developed a human resources management system. The Human Resources Control Procedures have been established in a scientific and reasonable manner and applied in the areas of recruitment, promotion, payscale, benefit, assessment, training, employee relations and communication etc., so as to ensure the fairness of employment conditions, without discrimination in age, gender, place of origin, ethnicity, customs, religion, social hierarchy, physical disability, political affiliation and so on. Child labour and enforced labour are explicitly forbidden.

Benefits and rewards

The Group provides competitive remuneration and benefit for all employees and contributes to various kinds of social insurance in accordance with local policies, such as pension, medical care, work-related injuries, maternity, unemployment insurance and housing provident funds. In order to attract, retain and motivate employees morale, the Company conducts comprehensive assessment of employees according to annual performance appraisal. Employees will enter key performance indicators through the system, and the superior department will evaluate the employees based on the completion time and quality of work as well as contribution to the company. Performance assessment results are divided into 5 levels, and are in one-to-one correspondence with annual performance pay, bonuses, and promotions, thereby mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees.

Female promotion opportunities

The proportion of female employees in Risecomm Group maintained a steady growth and reached approximately 37% of the total number of employees in 2017. The proportion of female managers in middle and senior level management reached 26%.

Encouraging work-life balance

We attach great importance to occupational health of each employees and strictly abide by national policies on holidays and working hours, encourage employees to balance work and life, and ensure that employees enjoy benefits such as sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and annual leave. We advocate entrepreneurial spirit, encourage the team to share their successful experience and happiness in office, and have established an “internal trainer” incentive scheme to encourage technological innovation and experience sharing. In addition, we have organized various types of entertainment and leisure activities for employees and established recreation and sports groups such as basketball club, badminton club, table tennis club and reading club, so as to enrich employees’ leisure time. Team activities and social activities are regularly organised as well, allowing employees to enjoy their lives in a stressful working atmosphere.

Caring for employees’ families

The Group cares not only about the daily work of employees, but also their families. The Company presents warm gifts and expresses its concern for employees during birthdays, marriages, next of kin deaths, and traditional festivals. Also, Risecomm Group cares about the family members of employees. “Family Day Picnic” and “Family Open Day” have been our signature project of employee care. We have organised “Family Day Picnic” for 11 times since 2006. As the employees wish, the Company may arrange for his/her family members to visit Risecomm working place on a specific day each year and find out more about the nature and scope of work of the employed. Through family days, employees and their family members may gather together in the warm big family of Risecomm, which enhances employees’ sense of identity and belonging to the Group.

Labour Standards

Risecomm Group employs staff in accordance with the Labour Law of the PRC (中華人民共和國勞動法), the Labour Contract Law of the PRC (中華人民共和國勞動合同法), the Special Rules on the Labour Protection of Female Employees (女職工勞動保護特別規定) and the Regulations of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on the Promotion of the Harmonious Labour Relationship (深圳經濟特區和諧勞動關係促進條例), actively complies with relevant labour laws and regulations, safeguards the labour interests of employees, creates a safe and stable working environment, ensures workplace hygiene and properly takes care of employees’ physical and mental health.