Employee Care
Development & Training

The Group has established the diversified career development channels to help staffs development, expressly stated in the Human Resources Policy, Management Measures for Job Qualification and Performance Evaluation, and Training Policy, and implemented in a continuous improvement model to promote the training implementation:

training needs analysis --> design training methods & courses --> training  --> results evaluation & review

We firmly believes that, each employee is our most precious asset. In order to give full play to employees’ potential and abilities to complete their duties and face challenges in work, the Group has provided training for employees at all levels to help them to achieve self-improvement. In terms of training contents, the Group has designed professional, general and project-based courses for the management and employees. In particular, professional courses involves R&D, sales, production, quality, finance and various other departments and positions. General courses and project-based courses cover a wider range of topics, including occupational health, work ethics, fire safety and occupational hazards. We design different training programs according to different levels of employees, for example, based on management levels, we will design programs from low to high level. Training methods include teacher lectures, conference discussions, technical exchanges, industry forums and documents learning, etc.

Training for the management

According to the requirements of management qualification, based on the own training needs of the management personnel and external requirements, customised courses are developed for different levels of management training after research, which guarantees the quality and effectiveness of management training and helps management personnel at all levels to develop and improve.

Training for employees

The Group provides employees with room for growth and development and has built a comprehensive training system in this regard, with a view to ensure all employees in Risecomm Group maintain their competitiveness and attractiveness in the highly competitive industry. The Company’s regular training covers new employee training, general skills training, external training and outreach training.