Environmental Protection
  • Environment Protection_Emissions

    The Group has been putting efforts in environmental protection and paying attention to the sustainable construction of environmental infrastructure to improve the efficiency of equipment and facilities. It carries out promotion, education and training for its employees in order to reduce waste generation in the ordinary course of business. Through the following initiatives, the Group has established, and continuously operated and updated, a strong environmental responsibility governance system.

  • Use of Resources

    We are aware that every enterprise should work towards the direction of low-carbon operation. Since the 1990s of the last century, Risecomm Group has been committed to environmental protection and invested substantial sums and human resources in environmental protection, striving to provide smart energy saving and emission reduction management solutions for the global market with PLC technology...

  • The Environment & Natural Resources

    The Group pays constant attention to smart energy management in urban energy conservation and emission reduction. Through its self-developed PLC technology and in-depth integration with the new generation of information technology, such as the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing, the Group provides users with integrated energy management solutions and equipment and develops the Internet of Things for energy...

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